Build your Very Own Adventures

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build challenges

Students will build their own CodeMonkey challenges using CoffeeScript, a real programming language. Through creating challenges, users will practice logical reasoning, algorithms, creativity and computer programming.

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test coding concepts

Test your students’ understanding of coding concepts as they create their very own challenges. Students will strengthen their multi-media literacy as they practice how to modify and produce information in different forms. 

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share with the world

Students can share their creations with their parents, peers and the world. Through sharing, students will further enjoy coding as part of their technological exploration and creative processes.

Start Challenge Builder with your students today!

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From Learning to Creating

Leverage CodeMonkey’s Challenge Builder to go hand in hand with your teaching-style by motivating your students to build their very own challenges. Students will share challenges with classmates and showcase their understanding of coding principles. 

Challenge Builder helps students evolve from learning to creating. Students will demonstrate everything from their understanding of the differences between event-driven code and sequential code to building loops and for loops.

Use Code to Create Your Own Content

The possibilities are endless! 

Other than testing knowledge and exploring creativity, student-created challenges are perfect for the whole class to solve together! Simply pick a challenge created by a volunteering student and have the whole class try to solve it!

Can you solve these challenges made by students?

  • Created by: Avigdor

  • Created by: Anjali

  • Created by: Asaf

mastering coding concepts

Through implementing Challenge Builder, your students will practice and master the following computer programming concepts:

  • Statements

  • Arguments

  • Objects

  • Loops

  • Variables

  • Array Indexing

  • Functions

  • Conditions

  • Boolean Logic

  • Comparisons

  • Return Values

  • Triggering events

What are you waiting for? 
Start teaching your students the basics of Computer Science and prepare them for the 21st century!