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GameBuilder is the ideal platform on which students can apply their coding skills.
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GameBuilder is scaffolded, self-paced, and automatically assessed, so just like CodeMonkey’s award-winning Coding Adventure, it’s super easy to implement in the classroom.
With GameBuilder, your students will:
Build real computer games using CoffeeScript
Design swipe/touch interface games for mobile devices
Remix CodeMonkey games and make them your own.
Share creations with the word!
Our Courses
For the ultimate game-design experience, GameBuilder incorporates a multi-faceted process to guide students into becoming computer game creators
The perfect place to jump-start creativity
  • Learn the fundamentals of game design and creation
  • Master user-interface and game mechanics including keyboard events, timers, collide events, and much more!
Goal: Create a game where the players use the keyboard to get the monkey to the banana, avoid obstacles and gain super powers!
Bring back retro with this Classic
  • Create unique versions of the classic game ‘Frogger’
  • Learn to control touch interface
  • Play new games on tablets or smartphones!
Goal: Create a game where players tap the screen to help the frog cross the road safely to the other side
Sprite Animations
Where creations come to life
  • Create images, animations and graphic elements
  • Define and program animations
  • Implement sprites into your games!
Goal: Learn how to animate sprites in a unique game where players design and collect as many apples as possible within 20 seconds
Game Builder Standards Alignment
Common Core State Standards:
  • CCSS.Math .Content.8. F.A.1
  • CCSS.ELA- Literacy.RI. 5.10
  • CCSS.ELA- Literacy.RS T.6-8.3/8.4/8.7
  • CCSS.ELA- Literacy.RS T.9-10.3/10.4/10.7
CSTA Standards:
  • Level 1/K-3/3-6
  • Level 2/6-9
  • Level 3A/9-12
  • Level 3B/9-12
UK Computing Programmes of Study:
  • Key Stage 1/2/3/4
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What's next?
After completing these courses, your students are ready to exercise their creativity by designing and sharing their very own games using the free-style Create Games platform
Create Games
It’s finally time to DIY!
  • Experience with designing computer games
  • Publish and share games with friends and the world!
  • Play on any PC, laptop or mobile device
Goal: Discover the infinite gaming possibilities just waiting to be born…
  • Want an astronaut? Change the gravity
  • Want a racing game? Use an aerial perspective
  • Want strong, fierce enemies? Make them bigger
  • Want silly, weak enemies? Make them smaller
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They were all created with GameBuilder
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