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Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science.

It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st century career path.
As your students solve problems through writing real code, they will develop 21st century skills like multiple-step thinking, perseverance, critical thinking and analytical thinking skills.

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Teachers are not required to have any programming experience when they come to teach coding using CodeMonkey. The game is accompanied by a curriculum guide which includes 35 detailed lesson plans with both online and offline activities. Teachers also have exclusive access to a dashboard where they can track student progress and achievements and display different students’ solutions to the entire class for discussion.


Real programming language

From the very first moment in CodeMonkey, students start to write code in a real-world programming language called CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript is a modern open-source programming language that compiles to JavaScript, and similarly to JavaScript it is used in the industry primarily for web applications. Through the CodeMonkey program students will learn advanced Computer Science concepts such as loops, variables, functions, conditions and more.


Game based learning

In CodeMonkey students program an adorable monkey to get all its bananas back from the bad gorilla who stole them. As they progress in the game, students will meet different friends like our trusty turtle, who will help them in their journey as they face more complex challenges to solveץ Each solution is checked and graded automatically, giving learners instant “stars score” feedback.


Game builder

After completing over 250 challenges and mastering complex Computer Science concepts, students apply their newly acquired skills by creating their own games for others to play, and thus becoming real world software developers. We believe that by empowering learners as creators we can better prepare them for a world of digital creativity.

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